Other than feeling completely free and unrestrained, sleeping in the buff has some sexy benefits, too. We give you five reasons why you should sleep naked more often.
It’s just plain hot
Hello? What can be sexier than watching your partner lying by your side, totally at ease and comfy in his own skin? You can indulge in so many amazing things while sleeping naked. A nice back rub, for instance. Go on; rub those taut shoulder muscles that he’s kept bare open on display.
You can show off your incredible bod
Been working out at the gym lately? Sleeping with nothing on is your best chance to flaunt your flat abs or the recently-obtained firm derrière. Assume some sexy sleeping positions innocuously so that your man finds it terribly difficult to keep his hands off you.
Your lady parts will be happy
Believe it or not, your vagina needs to breathe too. Sleeping naked can also help avoid those pesky yeast infections, and keep you healthy and happy down under.
Will lead to more sex
This one is a no-brainer. Sleeping naked equals lots of horniness, which in turn equals crazy hot sex.
It will increase intimacy
Even if you don’t end up having sex, you will still enjoy skin-to-skin contact with your partner, which will lead to greater intimacy. And we really don’t have to tell you how intimacy is good for your relationship, now do we?