Get his motor running without the effort! If you want to get him in the mood for tear-your-clothes-off, rip-roaring sex, all you need to do is build anticipation by sending him sexy texts. And if your creative juices aren’t flowing, we have a bunch of naughty ‘sexts’ for you to choose from. Copy-paste any, some or all of these and you will have fireworks by the end of the work day.

• I want to unbutton your shirt and unzip your pants and slip my hands down your…oh god, when are you coming over?


• I want to show you what I want to do to you, where I want to do it, and how I want to do it.

• Save up your energy because you’re going on a wild, wild ride tonight.

• I can’t focus on anything. All I see is your hot, naked body and all l I want to do is bite every inch of it.

• Have you been a bad boy today? I think you need to be taught a lesson. A very hard lesson.

• I’ve been thinking about you…and touching myself. I need you here now, now, now, now.